AGTO Study in Maine

“Assets-Getting To Outcomes for Maine” was a federally funded study evaluating the combination of the Developmental Assets® and Getting To Outcomes (GTO)® frameworks in 12 communities across the state of Maine. Getting To Outcomes, or “GTO,” is a 10-step process that enhances communities’ capacity to evaluate the planning, implementation, and short- and long-term outcomes of their programs. The Developmental Assets model states that in order to thrive, young people need 40 key developmental supports and experiences that include but are broader than the notion of protective factors. Prior to the study, developers of GTO and Search Institute collaborated to create the new intervention, outlined in the manual published by Search: Getting To Outcomes with Developmental Assets: Ten steps to measuring success in youth programs and communities. The combination of GTO and assets is called Assets-Getting To Outcomes, or AGTO.

Funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, this 5-year (2008-2012) collaboration of the RAND Corporation, Search Institute, Vision Training Associates, Maine’s Communities for Children and Youth initiative, and the University of Southern Maine delivered the combined AGTO intervention to six community coalitions across the state, with six additional community coalitions serving as a control group. The six chosen coalitions received the AGTO intervention which included: 1) comprehensive implementation manuals, 2) training, and, 3) regular on-site technical assistance for two years. These six AGTO community coalitions and programs used AGTO to carry out their Developmental Assets-oriented youth programming. The other six coalitions continued their practices as usual and served as the control group, but received an abbreviated version of the AGTO intervention at the end of the project.

The purpose of the project was to investigate several questions, including how well the AGTO intervention was delivered, how much it was used, and what coalitions thought about it. The project also evaluated the extent to which the AGTO approach enhances the knowledge, attitudes, and skills of individual coalition members, as well as the prevention capacity and performance of the community coalitions as a whole.

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