Origins and the Team

Origin of Assets-Getting To Outcomes (AGTO)

The concepts of Developmental Assets® and Getting To Outcomes® were first ”introduced to one another” when the “GTOers” (Abe Wandersman, Matt Chinman, Pam Imm) co-presented with Peter Benson (former President and CEO of Search Institute and original developer of Developmental Assets) at a Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) meeting in 2005. After several meetings and deeper discussions, the group decided the two frameworks would complement each other very well. Deborah Fisher was asked to lead the writing of the book, Getting To Outcomes with Developmental Assets: Ten steps to measuring success in youth programs and communities, drawing upon materials from both GTO and Developmental Assets. The book was published by Search Institute in 2006. While the book was being finished, Matt Chinman, at the RAND Corporation, was planning a study to evaluate the newly combined Assets-Getting To Outcomes approach. While at a Search Institute National Conference, he met Susan Savell, who at the time was the Executive Director of the Communities for Children Initiative in Maine and special assistant to the governor’s children cabinet. Ms. Savell was a huge asset promoter and was looking for an opportunity to increase the asset footprint in Maine. She also happened to have access to over 70 community coalitions in the state, which was exactly what Dr. Chinman needed to conduct the evaluation of AGTO. Dr. Chinman and Ms. Savell, along with many other researchers and community members secured funding from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to carry out the study in 2008.

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