Outcome Measures

Survey Measures to Enhance the Developmental Assets Profile for Youth Program Evaluations

Search Institute’s Developmental Assets Profile (DAP) has become a widely used survey for assessing how young people experience eight categories of Developmental Assets®, with more than 500,000 youth having completed the survey. On its own, the DAP is being widely used around the world, and Search Institute works with organizations and community partnerships that wish to use the DAP for baseline measurement and ongoing monitoring of young people’s strengths and supports.

Some DAP users, however, may wish to go deeper in measuring some of the individual assets or related constructs. Using the DAP to provide a macro view of young people’s developmental ecology, supplemented by one of more of the measures described here, is an appropriate strategy for linking assets to more specific program goals and research questions.

  • Learn more about how you might identify scales to use based on your program goals here.
    Search Institute measures are available for licensed use in research and evaluation projects. Search Institute can also partner with organizations to develop customized surveys that integrate these or other measures with the Developmental Assets Profile--and to provide consultation and assistance on using the data results for policy, program, and community action.

  • Click here to access a table that can help you identify supplementary Search Institute measures for use in your research or evaluation project.
  • Once you identify a scale or scales that you wish to use in your evaluation or research project, contact Search Institute's Survey Services Coordinator, who will confirm that your team meets the criteria for using the scales and whether a licensing fee will be assessed.
  • If you would prefer to partner with Search Institute's research team to design a study using these or other Search Institute measures (fee for service), contact Search Institute's Survey Services Coordinator to begin the process.