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Licensing and Intellectual Property 

All of these measures are developed by and are the proprietary intellectual property of Search Institute, which reserves all rights accruing thereto. Depending on the intended use, Search Institute reserves the right, at its own discretion, to grant one-time permission at no cost, grant permission for a fee, or deny permission to use items. This determination will be made on the basis of information submitted to the Survey Services Coordinator.
All users, if granted permission, must adhere to the following stipulations: 


1. Appropriate acknowledgement is given to Search Institute on the surveys that are developed.
Items [here insert item numbers from your survey that correspond to any items used from the table] are the property of Search Institute and are used with permission. Copyright © 2013 by Search Institute. 

2. The items must be used exactly as is: Researchers may not revise these items without the written permission of Search Institute. 

3. Search Institute receives copies of reports or articles that are published based on the study findings. 

In some cases, Search Institute will request or require access to de-identified data from studies that utilize these items in order to strengthen the research foundations on Developmental Assets and related areas of work. This access would be negotiated as part of the permissions process. Inability to provide such a database will not prevent your organization from receiving permission to use the measures. 

Working with Search Institute on Customized Studies 

Interested in partnering with Search Institute on research, evaluation, or community mobilization efforts based on the DAP or Developmental Assets? Let us know, and we’ll work with you to determine what might be possible.