The AGTO Approach


What is Assets™ Getting To Outcomes® (AGTO)?

Assets Getting To Outcomes (AGTO) is a model and intervention used by community-based prevention coalitions. The program is based on two, complimentary, community-based interventions:

1. Getting To Outcomes (GTO), which enhances community capacity to complete critical prevention tasks (e.g., evaluation), and

2. Developmental Assets, which supports community mobilization and collaboration to promote positive youth development.

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AssetsTM Getting To Outcomes® (AGTO): The Framework

Getting To Outcomes (GTO). GTO® is an implementation support model—specifying the ten steps (or sets of activities) prevention practitioners should take when carrying out high-quality programming. GTO presents each step as a question which can be used to guide practitioners to complete those steps. There are six steps for planning activities (steps 1-6), two steps for process and outcome evaluation (7-8), and two steps on the use of data to improve and sustain programs (9-10).

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