The Training

Getting to Outcomes with Developmental Assets: Ten Steps to Measuring Success in Youth Programs and Communities

The Getting to Outcomes with Developmental Assets (Assets-GTO) training introduces a straightforward, ten-step planning, implementation, and evaluation process grounded in Developmental Assets research and proven prevention strategies. It will help youth program and initiative leaders understand how to get results which demonstrate to stakeholders (including funders) and communities that time, money, and resources are being well spent. The training also covers cultural competence and sustainability, and is designed to meet widely accepted accountability criteria. This practical, how-to training is offered in two formats:

The one-day training will help participants

  • understand the basic Assets-GTO ten-step process;
  • learn about the latest research on what works in asset building and prevention;
  • learn about critical asset-based measures in education, prevention, health, and other fields;
  • acquire tips for using Assets-GTO in practical ways;
  • think ahead to what is next in your evaluation plans.
  • The two-day, work-plan training includes all of the one-day opportunities as well as

  • a pre-consult with the trainer to prepare you to work on actual plans;
  • field strategies on how to get results in grant writing, program improvements, and prevention efforts;
  • design time on a set of asset-based measures specific to your work;
  • development of your tailored evaluation plans;
  • 1/2-hour follow-up consultation with the trainer.
  • Who Should Attend:
    The one-day training is recommended for those who want a thorough introduction to preparation for evaluation planning. The two-day event is recommended for those who feel ready to bring an Assets-GTO plan to their work.
    Length: 7-1/2 hours per day (includes lunch and breaks).
    Recommended Materials for Each Participant: Getting to Outcomes with Developmental Assets book and The Asset Approach booklet.

    For Questions or To Book a Training, Contact:


    Phone: 800-294-4322

    Fax: 207-642-6274

    Mail: PO Box 338
    Gorham, ME 04038